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Common Acrynoms

! - using this before an acronym means removal of that item from the vehicle (example: !EGR)
1/4 - Quarter Mile (drag racing)
1LE - Suspension Handling Package Option
2WD - Two Wheel Drive
4L60E - actual part name for the Automatic 4-speed transmission
4WD - Four Wheel Drive
700R4 - older generation 4-speed GM automatic transmission
A3 - 3-speed automatic transmission
A4 - 4-speed automatic transmission
A/F - Air Fuel Ratio
AIR - Air Injection Recirculation (part of emissions system.)
APHR - Adjustable Panhard Rod (Suspension)
AFR - Air Flow Research (Vendor)
ASP - Automotive Specialties Performance (Vendor)
ASR - Camaro version of traction control
ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATI - Supercharger Company (Vendor)
AWD - All Wheel Drive
B4C - Police Package Option
BBC - Big Block Chevy engine
BBDC - Before Bottom Dead Center
BDC - Bottom Dead Center
BHP - Brake Horsepower
BOV - Blow Off Valve (turbo related)
B/O - Bolt-On Modifications
BSM - Body Side Moulding - door ding guards on your doors.
BTDC - Before Top Dead Center
BTW - By The Way
C4 - Fourth Generation Corvette (1992-1996)
CAGS - Computer Assisted Gear Selection (the "skip-shift" on M6 cars.)
CATS - Catalytic Converters (emissions/exhaust system)
CAI - Cold Air Induction
CI - Cubic Inches (engine displacement)
CKP - Crankshaft Position (sensor)
CMP - Camshaft Position (sensor)
CONV/'vert - Convertible
CR - Compression Ratio
DEG - Degrees (timing or temperature)
DRL - Daytime Running Lights
DR's - Drag Radial Tires
DSL - Driveshaft Safety Loop
DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code
ECM - Engine Control Module
ECL - Exhaust Lobe Center Line (camshaft)
ECT - Engine Coolant Temperature (sensor)
EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation (emissions system)
EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature
E/T - Elapsed Time (drag racing time measurement)
FAST - Fuel Air Spark Technology (Vendor)
FBODY - GM chassis designation for Camaro/Firebird
FI - Forced Induction (turbos, superchargers)
FIPK - Fuel Injection Performance Kit (See K&N)
FMIC - Front Mounted Intercooler (turbo)
FMS - Futral Motorsports (Vendor)
FMU - Fuel Management Unit
FPR - Fuel Pressure Regulator
FPSS - Fuel Pressure Safety Switch
FRA - "Free Ram Air" modification
FRC - Fuel Rail Covers
FLP - Finish Line Performance (Vendor)
FTRA - Fast Toys Ram Air (product)
FWD - Front Wheel Drive
FWIW - For What Its Worth
GMMG - Vendor known for producing modified GM backed F-bodies
H/C - Heads and Camshaft
HO2S - Heated Oxygen Sensor
HP - Horsepower
HPE - Horsepower Engineering (Vendor)
HPP3 - Hypertech Power Programmer 3 (product)
IAC - Idle Air Control (solenoid)
IAT - Intake Air Temperature (sensor)
IC - Ignition Control Circuit
ICL - Intake Lobe Center Line (camshaft)
IGN - Ignition
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IRS - Independent Rear Suspension
K&N - Brand name of air filter
KR - Knock Retard (tuning)

LCA - Lower Control Arm (suspension)
LGM - Lou Gigliotti Motorsports (Vendor)
LM - Loud Mouth (exhaust system by SLP)
LMAO - Laughing My Ass Off
LOL - Laughing Out Loud
LPE - Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (Vendor)
LT1 - Generation 2 GM smallblock V8 engine (introduced 1992)
LT4 - Generation 2 GM smallblock V8 engine (introduced 1996)
LT5 - GM/Lotus/Mercury Marine joint collaboration project, DOHC 5.7L V8 engine found in the Corvette ZR-1 (introduced 1990)
LSA - Lobe Seperation Angle (camshaft)
LSS - Lou's Short Stick (shifter handle)
LT - Long Tube Headers
LTFT - Long Term Fuel Trim (tuning)
LTRIM - Long Term Fuel Trim (tuning)
M6 - 6-speed transmission
MAF - Mass Air Flow sensor (measures amount of air entering intake)
MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure (sensor)
MAFT - Mass Air Flow Translator (product)
MN6 - Option code for factory 6-speed transimission.
MTI - Motorsport Technologies, Inc. (Vendor)
N/A - Naturally Aspirated (all-motor)
N20 - Nitrous Oxide
NBM - Navy Blue Metallic (color)
NOS - Nitrous Oxide Systems (brand name)
NWS - Not Work Safe (do not click link if you are at work, unsuitable material inside)
O2 - Oxygen Sensor
ORY - Off Road Y-pipe
ORP - Off Road Pipe
PCM - Powertrain Control Module (your vehicles engine/tranny computer)
PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation (emissions system)
PE - Power Enrichment (tuning)
PHR - Panhard Rod (suspension)
PITA - Pain In The Ass
POS - Piece Of ****
P/P - Ported And Polished
QTEC - Quick Time Electric Cutout (product)
QTP - Quick Time Performance (Vendor)
ROFLMAO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off
RPM - Revolutions Per Minute (engine speed)
RWD - Rear Wheel Drive
RWHP - Rear Wheel Horsepower
RWTQ - Rear Wheel Torque
SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers
SBC - Small Block Chevy engine
SC - Super Charger
SES - Service Engine Soon lamp (on dash)
SFC - Subframe Connectors
SLP - Street Legal Performance (Vendor)
SOM - Sunset Orange Metallic (color)
SOTP - Seat Of The Pants
SS - Super Sport
SSRA - Super Sucker Ram Air
STB - Strut Tower Brace
STFT - Short Term Fuel Trim (tuning)
STRIM - Short Term Fuel Trim (tuning)
T56 - actual part name for the M6 transmission
TA - Trans Am
TB - Throttle Body
TBODY - Throttle Body
TBRAKE - Transmission Brake
TEA - Total Engine Airflow (Vendor)
TC - Torque Converter
TCS - Firebird version of traction control
TDC - Top Dead Center
TFP - Transmission Fluid Pressure (switch/valve)
TH350 - Turbo Hydromatic 3-speed automatic transmission
TH400 - Heavy Duty Turbo Hydromatic 3-speed automatic transmission
TNT - Texas Nitrous Technologies (Vendor)
TP - Throttle Position
TPiS - Tuned Port Induction Specialties (Vendor)
TPS - Throttle Postion Sensor
TQ - Torque
TR - Thunder Racing (Vendor)
TSP - Texas Speed & Performance (Vendor)
TT - Twin Turbo
TT2 - Torque Thrust 2 (type of wheels by American Racing)
TTOP - T-Top roof
TTT - "To The Top"
UCA - Upper Control Arm (front suspension)
VATS - Vehicle Anti-Theft System (the coded chip in your ignition key)
VERT - Convertible
VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor
WB O2 - Wide Band Oxygen Sensor
WOT - Wide Open Throttle
WS6 - Firebird Performance "Ram Air" Package (RPO code)
WTB - Want To Buy
WTF - What The ****?
WTT - Want To Trade
WU8 - Camaro Performance SS Package (RPO code)
Y2Y - Exhaust Upgrade Option Code for SS Camaro (Dual-Dual system)
YBODY - GM chassis designation for Corvette
Z28 - Camaro equipped with V8 engine (RPO code)
ZR1 - Corvette with LT5 motor, GM and Lotus joint project in the early 90s

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