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What is a Catback exhaust and which is best?

Q: What is a Cat-Back Exhaust and which one is best?
A: What they are: Bassani Borla Corsa Hooker Magnaflow Random Tech Loud Mouth LM w/ quad tip center mount GMMG Mufflex

What they do: decrease exhaust backpressure, which increases horsepower, and alter exhaust sound through various muffling/baffling technologies.

What to look for: It all depends on what kind of look and sound your going for. Spend alot of time listening to different exhausts in person and on the internet. Exhaust note is subjective, so get what you like best in terms of sound since its you who are going to be driving the car around.

- Straight through setups like LM and magnaflow (pt# 14267 for just the muffler) are regarded as some of the top flowing catbacks. Flowmaster is one of the worst flowing catbacks out there, despite its reputation, it does sound good however. Hooker and Magnaflow are great budget cat backs; Corsa, Borla, and GMMG round out the top of the premium spectrum.

- Loudmouth: LM is a love/hate exhaust, it sounds great on stock manifolds with few bolts on's. When you start adding LT's and ORY's it shows its ugly side. LM + ORY + LT = rasp and drone. Try and listen to various LM setups in person to know what your getting into. Time after time people get LM and end up swapping it out since they get tired of its annoyances. To reduce the rasp and drone you have a few options; install some cats, replace the resonator with a real muffler, or install a 12-18" dynomax bullet. This setup is referred to Dynomouth; Borlamouth is of the same concept but with Borla xr-1 mufflers.

HOW TO INSTALL: Follow the instructions that came with the setup.

Some tips:
- Use pipe cutters or a sawz-all to remove the old exhaust, cut at the over the axel pipe or muffler.
- A breaker bar comes in very handy, some of those old bolts and clamps are alot harder to get off than you think.
- Use alot of penetrating oil (i.e WD40, PB Blaster).
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